When times get harder,
people turn to barter

Barter Board, connecting local business and people in New Zealand.

Expand your business on Barter Board

CU2 provides you a forum with loads of businesses to trade with in New Zealand. Sell and purchase your goods or services cashless over New Zealand’s dedicated networking platform.

What is Barter Board

Barter Board is a barter-trading forum where you can barter your goods and services with other members in exchange for their goods or services without the use of money.

How does it work

When you sign up, you wil be able to utilize our barter forum for free. Trade your goods and services with other barter members, cashless without the middle man.

Use the Forum

Post a new topic in the forum category that fits your product or service needs. Describe what you are looking for and what you have to offer in return. Others can discuss to an agreement.

Your Barter Oppertunities

These categories are available for free when you join the forum.

Arts and entertainment

Hospitality and tourism

Manufacturing and printing

Clubs and charities

Building and construction

Professional services


Property development

Education and training


Health and beauty

Home services

Find the right connections for your business

Barter Board suits almost all industries. Browse through our forum to see who you can do business with.

How can Barter Board help you and your business?

Cashless Transaction

No need for money to get something sorted, Your product or service is worth more when it comes to bartering. Along with goods, some people have been trading another precious commodity – time.

Support Local

For cash-constrained businesses, finding creative ways to stay afloat during the pandemic could be the key to survival. And that’s where bartering local come into play.

More Exposure

By accepting bartering as an alternative method of payment, you open up your business to a whole new market of customers and in turn gain a competitive advantage.

Connect with local communities

Barter Board is a membership-based forum where there are local and country wide networking topics that are designed to provide introductions.

Supporting Local

Barter Board is completly free thanks to our sponsors