When times get harder, people turn to barter. And Barter Board connects local business and people in New Zealand that are looking to get things done without using money.

Register an account here is easy and allows you access to the forum for free. But wait, Barter Board is hosted on CU2 Network which means you can login with your existing CU2 account. If you dont have a CU2 account already, consider registering on the main site first and login back here.

Why the extra steps you say? This way you are able to setup a complete profile that allows you to network even more.
Here are a few benefits with a CU2 profile:

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Completing your CU2 profile adds more credibility to your name when using the forum, specially if you have some revieuws, ratings or recommendations. Which means you probably get ahead of someone who doesnt have one. Its absoluty not nessesarry to do this right now, once you register here you can always complete your profile at any time.

Now go ahead, login or register on Barter Board and good luck bartering!